Zero-Export Controller

SuryaLog Zero Export Device (ZED) controls the power generation from 1% to 100% as per the load requirement. EPC/Developer install solar power plants considering clients’ overall load for captive consumption. In most cases, clients will utilize all solar power. During the day there are changes when the load might drop due to lunch break/maintenance/holiday, and installed solar power plants may generate at their fullest capacity. This might lead to excess generation than load requirement.
Net metering is applicable in most of the states in India, the time required to complete the applicable regulations for approvals is considerable and till the time customers and EPC’s are suffering unnecessarily. SuryaLog has come up with the solution of feed in management or feed in management till the net metering. It allows customers to use the solar power plant with required amount of solar generation as per the load and curtailing the excess solar power to avoid feeding back into the grid till net metering happens.

Specifications & Features

Avoid back feeding into grid

Monitor solar, Grid & load parameters

Multiple Grid compatibility

Zero export controller and Data logger inbuilt

  1. Gives Curtailment details, generation loss, and expected generation