Wireless Transreceiver for Rooftop

In Industrial/commercial rooftop solar systems, installation can be on number of buildings or wings in the same premises. Even evacuation can be in multiple places to avoid long power cable losses with distance.

In such cases, centralize management and controlling of solar power plant becomes crucial. Laying communication cable becomes difficult due to long distances, road crossings, trench problems, EMI/EMC interference in cables etc. and so on. Most of the companies are installing separate data loggers for just monitoring the system at each building in the same premises.

SuryaLog slave controllers are used to solve these problems through master-slave communication by using unique & advance technologies in the field of wireless networks.

Specifications & Features

Environment Friendly, RoHS Compliant

Low Power Consumption

Single Operating Voltage: 8V to 28V

Temperature Range: - 0°C to +85°C

  1. MODBUS RTU Command Interface over UART (RS-485)
  2. Range: up to 2 kms line of sight and 1.2Kms with obstacles
  3. Low-Power Long Range Transceiver Operating in the
  4. 865-867 MHz Frequency Band (Indian license free band).
  5. Baud rate: 4800kbps,9600kbps,19200kbps
  6. Dimensions-110mm*51mm*100mm