Wireless Transreceiver for Groundmount

In-ground mount solar systems, installation can be at large area or location in the same premises. If the plant size is large, it will require more land space which will result into higher cost of cabling, digging, maintenance. Hence, we prefer to avoid these LAN cables and use our innovative wireless technology for communication.

By using the String Monitoring Board, DC-DC converter, Retrofit SMB, Retrofit SCADA, and other devices we can control and monitor the all data.

Specifications & Features

Environment Friendly, RoHS Compliant

Low Power Consumption

Single Operating Voltage: 8V to 28V

Temperature Range: - 0°C to +85°C

  1. MODBUS RTU Command Interface over UART (RS-485)
  2. Range: up to 2 kms line of sight and 1.2Kms with obstacles
  3. Low-Power Long Range Transceiver Operating in the
    865-867 MHz Frequency Band (Indian license free band).