Solar Water Pump Remote Management System

Eminence Renewables​ Solar-Pump-RMS (SWPLog) is a cost effective management solution for solar water pumps, which allows user to monitor all data related to solar power generation, consumption, pump run time and fault analysis. This gateway can enhance your pump-drive to manage & control remotely. Interactive Web-Portal presents historical and aggregated data, & comparative analytical diagnosis. All data are logged and can be securely reviewed and analyzed at any time from any location.

Specifications & Features


Highly reliable

Long operating life

Centralize management

  1. Remote settings & upgradation possible through internet
  2. Sensor management of Tank Level (optional)
  3. Remote controlling possible (optional)
  4. Simple installation and maintenance
  5. Alerts through mails & messages

Intelligent monitoring system for Solar Water Pump (RMS)