RuFLog is a management solution for Residential & small commercial solar power plants. It operates on the principle of collecting data through communication ports like RS485 and Ethernet by using the transfer media as wired or wireless. The collected data is processed to generate the required parameters and in the required formats. Also, it stores all the essential logs for future reference and sends to the cloud-based portal for remote access and management.

Specifications & Features

Cost Effective

Remote setting configuration

Easy to install and configure

Compatible with multiple inverter makes

  1. Local data storage of 15 days and upload to portal in case of internet failure
  2. Real time management and alert system through mails and messages
  3. Best suitable for residential & small commercial
  4. No.of devices-default 1 Nos.

RuFLog collects the data from its connected devices (we can manage the solar power plant at every stage from strings to transformer and load) and sends it to remote and cloud-based portal.

Remote Monitoring System with On-Grid

  1. On-grid solar power systems generate power using a solar power system and are directly connected to the utility power grid
  2. No need of batteries for storage power

Parameters considered for management are:

  1. Solar- Power, daily energy, total energy, monthly and yearly energy, CUF, etc.
  2. Graphical, Tabular both views are available on portal with download options
  3. Daily alert messages and mails of generation data

So, this will help a lot to keep in touch with the system when we are at remote location.