RS-485 to USB Converter

It is a compact RS-485 to USB converter strip. This converter is very useful for extending the RS-485 port to SuryaLog Controller and Datalogger. It adds an additional COM port to a PC. It is compatible with a standard PC COM port with all hardware handshaking signals and hence can be used as an external converter for Laptop/PC. This converter is useful for the project and maintenance team to carry it as an accessory to check data in ModScan.

Specifications & Features

Available Channels: 8/12/16/20/24

Real-time monitoring

Local as well as remote monitoring

  1. Inbuilt 8 to 28V Operating Voltage Range
  2. 2 RS-485 & 1 USB ports 
  3. Easy to carry & handy 
  4. Light weight and small in size
  5. Industrial Monitoring and Control
  6. Plug and play kind of converter