RS-485 Extension

RS-485 is being widely used in most solar power plants and devices as a communications type. The need for RS-485 ports for larger rooftop & ground mounts solar power plants is increasing. It becomes difficult to add multiple controllers or replace the controller if more panels are needed. Even spare ports requirement is increasing day by day. To cater to all these requirements SuryaLog Family has launched a 5-Port RS-485 extension which suits all the mentioned requirements.

Specifications & Features

Available Channels: 8/12/16/20/24

Interface- RS485 MODBUS /OFC /Ethernet /Wireless.

Compatible with multiple communication protocol

  1. 5 No’s RS-485 ports
  2. 8 to 28 VDC operating Voltage
  3. 1 Ethernet port available
  4. Output – Modbus RTU or TCP/IP
  5. Useful for industrial monitoring and controlling.
  6. Compatible with all device having Modbus protocol