Retrofit String Monitoring Board

Before Picture (SCB)
After Picture (SCB converted to SMB)

In past, most of the solar companies used string combiner box (SCB) instead of string monitoring box (SMB) which is being used nowadays. To get day-to-day string level updates about problems, SCBs might become obsolete and not very helpful to find the problem & to resolve the problem quickly. So, in this case SMBs are more useful for string wise monitoring of the solar plant. As companies had already spent resources earlier and don’t want to replace the old SCBs outright, but you may wish to upgrade it. We at SuryaLogix can upgrade it by adding the electronics components. So, we upgrade the existing SCBs to SMBs with wireless, wired technologies. This the best solution when there is a need of increasing or optimizing solar generation by reducing downtime with immediate failure detection.

Challenging point to us is working in the night-time, i.e. completely after generation hours. Our team is working completely after the generation hours to commission this plant & do it successfully.

Specifications & Features

Cost-effective solution

Increases the plant up-time

RS 485 MODBUS/ Wireless interface

Available in - 1000V or 1500V

  1. Customizable design to suit/fit hardware as per on-site needs
  2. Settings through Wi-Fi & Contactless to operate in the daytime