Retrofit SCADA

In past, solar companies used SCADA which might have different protocols and technology as compared to now. There might be chances that these products might not be functioning as per the current requirements of the clients. In most cases, a customer may not willing to replace the entire SCADA but still looking for upgraded products. So here is a solution for that, you can upgrade existing SCADA with our Retrofit SCADA solution. We replace/repair non-functioning part of your existing SCADA with the new technology products/spare of SuryaLogix. We enable remote monitoring options to integrate centralized monitoring for better asset management. We provide a universal SCADA system that is compatible with multiple protocols and interfaced technology and a reliable solution to fetch the data at the cloud level.

You can get all advanced features to provide access for better analysis & faster troubleshooting, which helps in higher plant uptime and ultimately increases your return investment. You can keep tracking your spare parts and O&M practice with ticketing and scheduling.

Specifications & Features

Cost effective

Increases the Plant Uptime

Dedicated team for installation

Compatible with multiple communication protocol

  1. Customizable and replaceable with existing system
  2. Customizable design to suit/fit hardware as per on-site needs.