PV-DG Controller

SuryaLog PV-DG controller monitors solar, DG and load calculations and generates control signals to optimize solar power plants. Control signal pass to inverters connected to it in order to curtail output power accordingly as per the load and DG requirements. It is a continuous process inside the controller to achieve the optimization of solar power and run the DG smoothly with the solar.
DG manufacturers suggest running their DG on a minimum of 25% to 30% spinning reserve capacity in order to maintain the DG parameters within a specific range and also to avoid the heating of DG components like alternators etc. If we fail to do so then it may result in fluctuations in the voltage and frequency of DG and can damage the parts in load and it can also reduce the lifespan of the DG and its components because of self-heating due to fluctuations. To avoid all these damages to load, DG parts and to operate the solar system with DG without any troubles, SuryaLog PV-DG controller will play a vital role and you can use it for your solar power plant.

Specifications & Features

Protects DG from excess solar power

Optimize solar generation while running with DG

Avoids frequent DG tripping (with solar)

Usage of maximum green energy

  1. Maintains spinning reserve of DG