When Grid supply is off then you can’t run solar with DG. To avoid back feeding into DG & protect DG from excess solar power PV-DG Controller required. It helps to maintain spin reserve. 

SuryaLog devices are compatible with GPRS/GSM, Wi-Fi, Dongle and Ethernet.

Around 500 kbps -1 Mbps speed required.

We preferred mostly CAT 6 and RS-485 cable for looping depends on protocols.

The internal Storage of SuryaLog Device is 2 GB – 16 GB as per model. Can be extended upto 110 GB/500 GB also.

It depends on the model from single device to 64 devices.

Multiple DG can connect and control by SuryaLog i.e. from single to max 8 No’s.

Yes, Data logger is inbuilt in PV-DG and ZED

All types of inverter, MFM and Sensor having Modbus protocol are compatible with SuryaLog device.

SuryaLog has USB, Ethernet, AI, DI, DO, RS485, etc. inbuilt ports

Yes, SuryaLog is working in On grid, Off grid, hybrid and other renewable plants. Different models and product lines are available. Please enquiry with us for more details.

Yes, we have dedicated team for site visits spread across the entire region.

Without obstacles 2.0 km and with obstacles 1.2 km.

Yes, we can provide third party data logger can send fata to SuryaLog portal through FTP.

RS-485 RTU Modbus, TCP/IP Modbus, PLCC, OFC, Wireless, etc.

Yes, for more details please be in touch with us or contact us.

Yes, for more details please be in touch with us or contact us.

Yes, basic parameters available by default. For advance and in detailed local monitoring prior information (while ordering) is must.

Yes, please discuss with our team for more details.

Yes, models available.