A large number of components and equipment go into building of solar/wind/hybrid power plants. A malfunction in any of these can lead to generation loss. It is the necessity of plant owners and O&M teams to ensure that all the plants are working properly with highest efficiency. SuryaLog collects the data from its connected devices and sends it to remote and cloud based portal as well as stores it locally. SuryaLog monitors power plants locally and remotely at each stage of the power plant. This collects all raw data from power plants and transforms it into informative graphs and charts. These graphs are available locally and on portal. You can get performance analysis and fault diagnosis very easily in order to take necessary actions.

Specifications & Features

Master-Slave communication possible

Alert system through mails & messages plus Real time

Wireless data transmission possible for multiple building/evacuation

Competitive in cost for residential and commercial systems

  1. Remote & Local management system with real-time alerts through mails & messages