CMS Platform

Single Platform for management of multiple renewable segments

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This will help to get all the required parameters & features on a single screen to identify & locate any issues and updates related to the generation & performance data of any plant in the single window at a glance. You can get various data like day generation, month generation, performance ratio (PR), solar power plant status, source data, plant error and status, CO2 saving, weather status, etc. on the dashboard.

Graphical View

The graphical view shows all generation data, Backlog Energy, Unmonitored Energy, etc in Line graph & Bar chart for Plant, Inverter, Wing, Source, and Weather.
You can also download this data in PNG and PDF format.

Tabular View

The tabular view will help to get all details of Plant, Inverter, Inverter Stat Logs, Wing, Source, Weather in a spreadsheet. We can monitor source parameters (V, I, PF, kW, etc.) with solar generation and solar set percentage (SSP). This data will be very useful for analysing and monitor your solar power plant closely.
You can also download this data in excel and pdf format.

Report Format

Whenever you need reports like Joint Meter Reading (JMR), Customised Report, Committed Generation Report, Daily, Monthly, Yearly Generation Report, etc. This part has flexible configuration and settable pages as per your requirements.

Block Diagram

To have a complete view of solar power plants starting from solar panels to Grid-Load etc, this part is important. We can find two block diagrams in this part, one is a basic block diagram and the other is an advance. The advanced block diagram shows the solar power plant DC/AC capacity, weather details, inverter capacity, and its generation, DG capacity, LT panel details, load details, error if any in the single diagram and provides a complete live & animated view with statuses for solar power plant.

Centralized Dashboard

This will act as a bird’s eye view wherein you can see all your solar power plants on a single screen. This would help to get the status of all plant at the single screen which ultimately saves them time and help to rectify the issue if any quicky. You can also select any specific plant or plants at the same time to know the status of them with various parameters and devices. It is graphical and map view provided to see the centralise data.

Specifications & Features

MPPT & String View

Current, Voltage, Power & Temperature

Instances, Graphs & Charts

Last log, Start/End, Up/ Down, Block Diagram, Tabular, Bar


Total Generation, Day/ Week/Month/Year Generation.

Deemed & Committed Gen

Deemed Calculations, PV Syst Comparison – Actual & Expected

Grid/DG Statistics

Run hours, Solar Energy, Import/Export

Performances & Losses

CUF, INS, PR, TCPR, Losses


JMR, Customized, DGR, MGR, Auto Mail, (Excel & PDF)

Source Data

Grid, DG & Load side monitoring with active source

Notifications & Scheduling

Customized, PM & Panel Cleaning Schedules


Spares, Tickets, SLA, Activities Planning & Tracking